Mutations Cannot Explain Complex Life

Misconception 2: We evolved over series of Mutations

  1. How do you suppose that both male and female mutations were formed exactly the same way and found each other within their lifetimes to reproduce? (And this had to happen for millions of life forms!)
  2. Animals kill their mutated offspring
  3. Even if they live, mutations do not ‘improve’ the species they are destructive. No viable exception has ever been found.
  4. A change from one life form to another involves a dramatic change in DNA. And if you’ve ever seen DNA being replicated you would realize this is impossible.
  5. If you can watch the above video and still believe that life is just an accident, you have more faith than I do!
  6. Not only does the DNA replication process (above) make this impossible, but DNA is continously being repaired.

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