Freedom from Homosexuality is Possible

Freedom From Homosexuality is Possible
By Dee Foster

I would like to take this opportunity to share my personal witness testimony that freedom from homosexuality is possible. How do I know this? I am married to a man who I consider to be God’s own personal miracle to not only let us know that freedom from homosexuality possible, but it is also a reality.

God can and does change anyone that wants to change.

I know what you are thinking? How is that possible? Are people born that way?

I was also once among the numbered that believe that once gay always gay. As a matter of fact, I think God has a sense of humor concerning me and this whole issue.

Years ago while serving in the army and before I gave my life to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I had a conversation with myself while watching an interview with a well known sitcom star who had married a ex-homosexual. Remember, at that time I did not know that such a person existed and if they did I certainly would never even entertain the thought.

You may not remember this lady, but she played the role of Rose on “227” and her husband in real life was the man that starred as the monster in the movie “Predator”. She was sharing how he had left the homosexual life style and was also sharing that after leaving the lifestyle, they discovered he had the AIDS virus. He has since passed.

“She must be crazy to marry someone like that!”, was my outburst of this revelation. “I don’t care if he did say he was no longer gay! I would never marry someone like that!”

Those were my exact words! God must have been laughing and saying, “If she only knew.”

Everything this lady said challenged my entire belief system about what I thought was possible. Coupled with the fact that I was living a sinful life at the time myself and my lack of education in that area, I was totally blind to what was possible to those who put their total trust in God and his son Jesus Christ.

Fast forward almost 16 years later, I am married to the most wonderful man that ever lived. He is a wonderful husband, a devoted father to our five beautifiul children, and my best friend.

He is a man that many have said simply can not exist because of his powerful testimony of freedom from homosexuality. One news woman, even remarked “I didn’t know there was such a creature.”

I am proud to be his wife, his lover and his friend. I count it an honor to stand beside him and to declare that there is freedom from homosexuality through the power and saving grace of Jesus Christ our Lord.

You are invited to read his ground breaking book, “Touching a Dead Man.” See more information below.

Dee Foster is a successful working mother of five children, a pastor’s wife and an Internet Marketing Executive.

Additionally, Dee serves in her community as a motivational speaker.

Dee’s passion is helping others to reach their goals and live the life that God designed for them to live.

Dee is also very passionate when it comes to supporting her husband, Pastor DL Foster in his ministry to those who have been affected by homosexuality and are seeking a way out.

He is the author of the ground breaking book Touching a Dead Man

To also learn more about Dee, you may visit may visit online at

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