Issues that Face Christians Today

Just about everyone believes that there are some serious problems in this world.

You don’t have to be a Christian to see that.

You also do not have to be a Christian to realize that Christianity has been under intense attack. Especially these past few years.

I am going to endeavor to explain some common questions that people have, and explore common myths, misunderstandings, and errors from a Biblical perspective.

I shall attempt to put a resource at your fingertips for virtually any questions and issues that face today’s Christians (or people interested in Christianity) in terms that anybody can understand.

Important Christian Issues such as:
Was Jesus just one of many “good” men or merely a prophet? (Who is Jesus?)
Were we created, or did we evolve? (Creation vs. Evolution)
Will people of other religions go to Heaven? (Salvation)

This is a scholarly work

I am endeavoring to post only thoroughly researched articles on this site.

Don’t look here for “radical new ideas”. Except maybe to refute them. Bible scholars have had hundreds of years to “get it right”. The conventional or orthodox understanding of core Biblical principles are for the most part correct as you will find out.

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